Arch Building Kit Accessories

Arch Building Overhead DoorsOverhead Door Framed Openings

Overhead Framed Openings can be added on to the endwall(s) and steel walk door frames as well. The following overhead door options are available for the Brute Arch Building.


Building Size         Door Size Up To:
40’ w x 15’ h               20’ x 12’ 6”
50’ w x 18’ h               20’ x 14’
50’ w x 18’ h               24’ x 14’
60’ w x 20’ h               20’ x 14’
60’ w x 20’ h               24’ x 14’

Steel Walk DoorSteel Walk Doors

  • Knock Down or Preassembled
  • 18 gauge Steel
  • Kerf Weatherseal
  • Adjustable Sweep
  • All Fasteners and Anchors included for Complete Installation
  • Galvanized Doors and Frames comply with ASTM A924
    (*See Door Specs for Complete Compliance Information)


Arch Building DoorsRugged Sliding Door System

  • Adjustable Steel Trolley Roller System
  • Interlocking Door Latch
  • Door Guide and Glide
  • Rain Shedder




Vents, Inlets & OutletsGrain Building Accessories

  • Stationary Vents
  • Spinning Vents
  • Endwall Louvers
  • Grain Inlets
  • Auger Outlets
  • Bulkheads
  • Base Pans


Arch Building InsulationArch Building Insulation
Adding insulation to your Arch building will help to maintain a consistent temperature in your building and will also help to prevent insect infestations. We supply arch building insulation systems, complete with arch pins and washers. The installation process is easy to follow and requires no special equipment. The insulation blankets are attached to the bolts on the arches. The plastic insulation pins are pushed through the fiberglass insulation blankets and plastic washers attach to the exposed side of the facing to hold the insulation in place.

Call 1-800-486-8415 for an Arch Building Insulation Price Quote.