Whether you are storing grain and equipment or sheltering livestock, the straighter sidewalls of the Marvel Brute Steel Arch Building are perfect for the job. The clear open interiors allow for maximum unobstructed functional space. No matter what your requirements, the Brute Steel Arch gives you more quality and more building for less money.

Hay Storage

A better storage solution = less waste.

Studies show that round hay bales stored uncovered outside have been shown to lose anywhere from 25 to 35% of the total dry matter compared to only a 4-7% loss of hay stored inside (View Report). Arch buildings are an affordable, effective solution for storing large round hay bales to keep them clean and dry and help to reduce mold buildup, leaving more usable hay to feed your livestock.

The space requirements for handling and storing round hay bales make storage capacity limited in typical farm structures. Wide clear spans and higher clearances are suggested for efficient handling and storage of round hay bales. Most round or arched buildings have restricted clearance for bale wagons near the sides, therefore, an arch structure built specifically for round bales is a much better option. Marvel Brute Arch Buildings have straighter sidewalls which allows for the proper clearance needed for wagons and forklifts. Steel is a perfect solution for storing the hay bales which often times are susceptible to methane combustion and fire. Leaving the end walls open allows for ventilation and decreases the potential for a fire as greener hay bales will have adequate air flow to dry out.

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The Benefits of Building with Steel

Steel is significantly stronger than wood and it is very economical, requiring little to no maintenance. Steel is extremely versatility and can be formed to create high end walls and large clear spans while maintaining its durability. Steel is a Sustainable Building Material and meets criteria for “GREEN” building LEED requirements. Steel is also a non-combustible, highly fire resistant building material.

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