Whether you are storing grain and equipment or sheltering livestock, the straighter sidewalls of the Marvel Brute Steel Arch Building are perfect for the job. The clear open interiors allow for maximum unobstructed functional space. No matter what your requirements, the Brute Steel Arch gives you more quality and more building for less money.

Arch Building Features

The Marvel Brute Arch building is fabricated using high quality, premium grade steel. This G-90 Hot Dip Galvanized Steel is resistant to corrosion. Choose from 18, 20 or 22 gauge depending on your end usage. The Brute Arch Building is ‘The Only One’ with a patented 7 ½ inch corrugation feature for super strength and unique U Shape design for creating straighter sidewalls.

Added sealant tape along the edges of the panels seals your building from the elements and helps prevent insect infestations.

  • G-90 Hot Dip Galvanized Steel
  • 7 1/2 inch Corrugated Arch Panels
  • Straighter Sidewalls for More Usable Space
  • Unlimited Lengths
  • Rugged Tough Panel Arch
  • Easy Assembly
  • Keyway Design
  • Overlapping and Double Bolted
  • Optional Base Plate Option
  • IAS Accreditation
  • Structural Nuts, Bolts, and Weather Sealant are Included

You are not limited by a certain length dimension. The Marvel Brute Arch Building is designed to be added to if you need more space.

The Modified U Shape Design of the Brute Arch Building allows the walls to go up straighter. This adds a lot more room for storage of heavy equipment and large amounts of grain or hay.

Rugged Tough Panel Arch

The Marvel Brute Arch Building’s rugged tough panels arch is manufactured with superior strength. The unique patented panel design features seven and a half-inch deep rib corrugation which runs the entire width of the building, eliminating the dangerous weakening effect of cross corrugation that most other arch building manufacturers use.

The arch panels are overlapped and bolted together with JS500 5/16″ Zinc Dichromate Bolts and pre-assembled neoprene washers. This creates a strengthened invisible beam that runs the full length of the building. A sealant tape is placed along the edge of the panels to seal your building creating a weather-tight seal. This helps to keep out insects and improves the interior insulate values in your building.

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The Benefits of Building with Steel

Steel is significantly stronger than wood and it is very economical, requiring little to no maintenance. Steel is extremely versatility and can be formed to create high end walls and large clear spans while maintaining its durability. Steel is a Sustainable Building Material and meets criteria for “GREEN” building LEED requirements. Steel is also a non-combustible, highly fire resistant building material.

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